In silence I make sound decisions ”

— Paul J Rogers

  Music Maker |Environmentalist |Pagan

Brisbane-based Paul J Rogers grew up in the south-eastern suburbs of Sydney in the 1980’s, in a place affectionately known as ‘The Shire’ (post LoTR).

Paul started playing guitar and writing music at age 14. His sound was heavily influenced by the rock politics of Midnight Oil, the infectious grooves of INXS, and the atmospheric wall of sound that defines U2.     

Paul experienced degrees of success with Real Life Exit (RLX) in the early 1990’s playing prestigious venues like such as Lees Palace (Toronto), as well as Selina’s at Sydney’s Coogee Bay Hotel. In this period RLX were signed with Sony affiliate ICM (International Concert Management).     

Paul then withdrew from the lights to start a family in the early 2000’s. His passion for environmentalism, poverty & social justice saw him complete a degree in Political Science & International Studies in 2009.  These interests in global themes of justice are no silent obsession. Paul has been actively engaged in the environmental movement for 23 years. 

In this same period, Paul studied Astrology as well as the spiritual teachings of Wayne Dyer and Caroline Myss. These two contemporary-American spiritual teachers had a deeply profound impact of Paul’s understanding of the world and relationships.    

Coming out of musical hibernation in 2014, Paul began steadily releasing music as a solo artist. A prolific song writer, he has now released 34 songs.  Paul writes, performs and produces all of his music. 

Outside of music, Paul spends his downtime listening to Spotify podcasts such as 'Lighting the Void' - about all things spirit, science,  paranormal and aliens!  

  • Signed to Sony affiliate ICM (1990’s) 
  • Headline act Selina’s (Sydney 1991) 
  • Headline act Lee’s Palace (Toronto 1993) 
  • Support act Bobcaygen Music Festival 1994 
  • ‘Don’t Place Me in the Past' – 157,000 music video streams on Facebook in 2019 
  • ‘Who'll Stop the People' and ‘Planet in Pain’ – both featured on Extinction Rebellion Radio London 2020 
  • ‘Who’ll Stop the People’  - Playlisted by Green Music Australia in 2020, on a list of music influencers, alongside Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish, Depeche Mode and Gotye
  • 'EarthSEED (Wanderlust Mix)', Playlisted by Spotify on their Release Radar (June 2022)


  1. The Reckoning ~ 19 May 2014  
  2. Chelsea ~ 2 Jun 2014   
  3. Sand Dune ~ 11 Feb 2016   
  4. Observer ~ 4 Apr 2016   
  5. Willow ~ 3 Oct 2016   
  6. Permanent Tide ~ 11 Nov 2016   
  7. Two Shows - A Twin Flame Journey ~ 11 Nov 2018   
  8. Early Leaver ~ 9 Apr 2019   
  9. Mirror Soul ~ 10 Jun 2019   
  10. Coffin Groom ~ 28 Oct 2019   
  11. Don't Place Me in the Past (Radio Mix) ~ 1 Aug 2019   
  12. Don't Place Me in the Past (Extended Mix) ~ 26 Jan 2020   
  13. Who'll Stop the People ~ 24 May 2020    
  14. Planet in Pain ~ 11 Sep 2020   
  15. Planet in Pain (Adano Mix) ~ 21 Sep 2020 
  16. You Give Me Gold ~ 18 Apr 2021 
  17.  I’ve Got This ~ 13 Aug 2021  
  18. Even My White Shirt Is Black ~ 14 Jan 2022
  19. EarthSEED (Wanderlust Mix) ~ 27  May 2022


19 releases = 35 songs!   


Website photography includes artist pics by Tracie Tee Live events & David Kan